Crates in Rocket League are obtained thru gameplay

Crates in Rocket League are obtained thru gameplay


Per the game's patch notes, Psyonix says this change was because of "government regulations" in each nations.

Crates in Rocket League are Rocket League Trading  obtained thru gameplay, however cannot be opened in most instances without buying a key with real money. Certain events or other unique promotions may additionally offer items referred to as decryptors which could open crates with out the participant spending money, but the most recent such event turned into remaining year.

This makes Psyonix yet another in a series of developers who have both removed loot packing containers from their video games in Belgium or the Netherlands, or (in a few instances) shut down games completely because of strict authorities policies classifying loot boxes as playing. Last 12 months, Square Enix close down three cell video games in Belgium due to these legal guidelines. Blizzard, Valve, ArenaNet, 2K Games, and some of others have also locked down loot boxes in one or both countries.

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