Path of Exile Endgame

Today, ARPG fans are patiently and eagerly waiting for the next generation of games, namely “Path of Exile 2” and “Diablo 4”.


Endgame is the place where Path of Exile shines. It has high re-playability and multiple flavors. The newly released Atlas Passive Skills makes it possible to end the game between Heists, Delve, Maps, Breaches, etc. Diversified, but also more consistent POE Currency production methods. In terms of difficulty scaling, the “emerging boulders” in the “last century” are like the “absurdity” in “Path of Exile” to scale, difficulty and rewards. Map". When certain skills are abused or eventually succeeded, the maximum difficulty of POE will quickly decrease. In fact, this is when the player plays the game,) to reduce burnout.

Last Epoch provides a solution as its Arena (Arena), which is based on wave encounters, very similar to POE’s Simulacrum. The difference is that it can be unlimited in terms of complexity and better returns?? Extension. This itself has great re-playability, but the major flaw of Last Epoch is the lack of chase items and game definition items, and “Path of Exile” has many flaws.

Today, ARPG fans are patiently and eagerly waiting for the next generation of games, namely “Path of Exile 2” and “Diablo 4”. This is not a mystery. Unlike “The Last Era” and POE, these two games will compete for the title in various competitions. The best ARPG of the next generation. “Diablo 4” has a lot of work to be improved, “Diablo 3” also needs to be improved, but “Path of Exile 2” bears the same responsibility. The competition is fierce, and Blizzard and GGG may both have paid a high price for their recent works.

“Diablo 4” may look at the “Great Rift” system of its predecessor (inspiring the shattered dawn world) and change or transform it into something completely new. In fact, “Diablo 3” does not have rapidly increasing difficulty and various endgame modes, and unlike “The Last Generation”, it has got unique items and better versions, and it has excellent re-playability., And there seems to be an insurmountable obstacle. A good time, energy, farming and learning curve will help overcome the problem.

In “Path of Exile 2” players do need to Buy POE Currency, because in the current state of POE, there is still a lot of work to be done in terms of performance and graphics improvements. POE 2 also needs to solve its prequel problem through multiplayer game features, because they are essential to the overall quality of game life, but now they are lacking. As shown in other games so far, Path of Exile 2 also needs to stop relying on third-party applications, websites, or even community members to provide features, and these features clearly already exist in the technology.