Steam Showcase

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Steam Showcase is a component used by many players to show off. Players can choose display cabinets for components, items, badges, guides, game achievements, etc. to design their own Steam profile interface.

Many players perform Steam Level Up in order to get a showcase every 10 levels. Display the good-looking background picture of your personal profile on your personal homepage. There are a total of 16 categories of showcases on Steam, you can choose by yourself, or mix and match. Choose the showcase you want.

The art showcase is currently the most popular, and most players will choose this showcase when they are level 10. Because you can customize the settings, you can show your own designed pictures and other media files to other players.

Like item display cabinets, Workshop display cabinets and the newly added Featured Artwork Showcase will also be the player's choice. Generally, players will try to make their level as high as possible and can choose more showcases to show off their Steam.

Personal information background is also what players are willing to obtain. It is a free showcase, but it requires players to synthesize badges or buy them in the Steam market and Steam points store. There are many good-looking profile background pictures in the Steam Points Store. Containing static and dynamic pictures, Steam also wants to promote players to purchase games through the background of their personal information, because points need to be earned through consumption on Steam.

Buy Steam Level Up Fast is a great way for players to quickly get more showcases. Then you can carefully design your own Steam interface. You will love your design.