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Once it reaches 600 Hp, Nemesis will get off the floor using its wings again and 
osrs fire cape service start looking for a Goal to attack with the 2nd Hardest aspect of Nemesis' power. Once it finds a goal (teammate) It'll fly fast and grip among your teammates and begin a Time limit. You and your Teammates should hit 100 Hitpoints before 15 Seconds is upward, If you don't make it, The individual that was gripped by the dreadful monster is going to probably be banished (One hit kill) back to lummy. Nemesis will repeat again with a new teammate to traction.

When it (hopefully) gets to 300 Hp, you'll be facing the hardest part. There will be an additional cut-scene as you get Nemesis' Healthpoint into 300: Nemesis will drop to the ground and it will get very angry by pounding the floor. Its wing will start wide and start flying higher and swirl around to a own team and get started charging a Dark ball.

Again, there'll be a final time limit, You and your teammates will need to get Nemesis' Healthpoint to 0 to complete the hardest monster (besides Tk tok jad) prior to 1 Minute is up. You'll see two dark stairs for melee fight against Nemesis. It's possible to use Ranged or mage in the ground to waste less time.

Nemesis won't be attacking you so you may get near it and strike it because it'll be busy charging a ball that is Dark. If you do not make it in time, then Nemesis will release the ball it billed at your teammates and Banish all in its Lair back to Lummy. If you make it in time, then Nemesis will collapse and fall 1 Gp (jk). Well that's it. I need a Reward idea or something.

Runescape over all is a very enjoyable and addictive game (much better for internet users using anything over the speed of dial up), regardless of the heavy under ranking and inability of non members. Becoming a member in my opinon is probley the worth the cash if you reside in a nation that has a high or regular exchange rate, its quite cheap and with the diminishing value of the USD it becomes even more economical to play runescape as a member, if you do not utilize american buck or anything origin of fire cape buy osrs money connected to it.

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