How to solve WOW: Burning Crusade Classic server issues

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Blizzard said that when the Burning Crusade Classic pre-patches are released, players will be able to determine the future of their characters. However, once the Burning Crusade Classic pre-patch is released normally, players will find that World of Warcraft has two different clients. One is the original version of the game that includes the "Classic Age" server, and the other is the classic version of Burning Crusade that includes the "Progress" server. Although logging in a character on a given client will ask the player if they want to Buy WOW Classic Gold "activate" the character in a particular version of the game, all characters of a given player will appear in both clients. If the player activates a character on the original World of Warcraft classic client, the character will not be activated on the Burning Crusade Classic game client (and vice versa).

However, the player does not have to make a decision immediately before the game. The option will always exist until the player makes a choice (or maybe until another expansion is released a few years later). This is good news for players. When the pre-patches are released, Blizzard will make virtual "snapshots", gold, and items for each character in the game (including all of the character's equipment). Players will be able to "clone" their character snapshots after paying. The cloned version of the character can be kept in the original World of Warcraft classic, and the original version can continue to use Burning Crusade Classic, as a snapshot of the day before the patch to retain all gold coins and items. Obviously, cloning will cost real-world money, although Blizzard has not yet revealed the price. But these choices can help players eliminate all difficulties from decision-making.

It sounds complicated to operate, but in fact, it is quite simple to operate. If the player does not want to enter WOW: Burning Crusade Classic, the player only needs to select the character they don't want and the character they want to improve, and then log in to the corresponding client. It is worth noting that if the player wants to continue to play the original World of Warcraft classic after the pre-patch, they may not be able to retain the cloned characters, because the WOW Classic Gold clone will only contain the gold coins that exist on the character on the day of the pre-patch , Equipment and items.

Although for those who want to stay the same in Azeroth and never step into Outland, Blizzard seems to have proposed a solution. By running two different classic World of Warcraft classic versions, this solution should allow Most players are satisfied. However, in the long run, it remains to be seen how running two different classic World of Warcraft classic versions will work.