The Most Unstoppable NFL Stars In Madden History

Who are the most exciting players in Madden history? We rank them.


Madden series is one of the most competitive Esports gaming scenes and easily became the most successful sports video game franchise ever. Each year brings a much-anticipated cover athlete, new player ratings, added rookies, and updated rosters. Of course, the game developers continue to work on graphics and in-game mechanics to help ensure gameplay is also a success.

Now, with all those different years to choose from, who are the most unstoppable players in Madden history? We rank them.

Best Madden players of all time: Randy Moss, WR, New England Patriots

Randy Moss has always been fun to play within any Madden he has been featured in. Even in today's games, the star receiver can be used in the Ultimate Team game mode, and he does not disappoint.

Still, Madden 2009 had the best version of Moss. He was rated a 99 and playing on one of the best offenses to ever use in Madden history. Moss had a speed rating of 98 and a 97 catch rating. He was also a great jumper, and he was a physical receiver who would torture any cornerback on the game. Big, fast, strong, and he caught everything remotely close to him. This version of Moss was unstoppable.

Best Madden players of all time: Barry Sanders, RB, Detroit Lions

No longer do the Madden game developers rate players higher than 99. However, in the early days, players could receive ratings of 100 — the ultimate compliment. In Madden 1999, it gave one of the most dynamic, elusive, and unfair running backs the 100 ratings, Barry Sanders.

Players could tear up defenses with him, which celebrated the best players in franchise history up to that point. He could juke any defender and it was game over for your opponent if you broke free in the open field. Sanders was dominant with the game mechanics in 1999. Today, with the in-game physics, he is also unfair.

Best Madden players of all time: Deion Sanders, CB, Dallas Cowboys

Barry wasn't the only Sanders given a 100-overall rating in Madden 1999. Deion Sanders also received the same rating. The Madden 1999 version of Sanders is perhaps the greatest defensive player this franchise has ever put in a game. Not only was he unbelievable as a cornerback, but he was outstanding as a returner, and he could give defenses fits as a receiver.

Each time Sanders touched the ball, there was a great chance you were bringing it to the house. He was a game-breaker back then and still is in today's Ultimate Team mode. In recent years, he has received a card in Ultimate Team as a receiver and that card was one of the top slot receivers to use at one point. He is truly the only defensive back who could cover anyone on the field, outrun coverage teams as a returner, and be a threat as a receiver.

Best Madden players of all time: Jerry Rice, WR, San Francisco 49ers

This one is really simple. Prior to the release of this game, there had never been a player to receive an overall rating higher than 100. In Madden 1998 for Nintendo 64, Jerry Rice was given a 189 rating. No player had ever been rated higher, nor will there ever be such a rating ever again. This Rice is a Madden icon, and if you used him, you know just how ridiculous Rice was in Madden 1998.

Rice bullied defensive backs. He was tall, could out jump everyone, and was fast. Anything thrown at him was caught. In short, you could do nothing but hope when you played Rice on Madden 1998. He was astronomically boosted in every attribute, and anytime he had the ball, he would score.

Best Madden players of all time: Michael Vick, QB, Atlanta Falcons

The most unfair and unstoppable player to use in Madden history goes to Michael Vick in Madden 2004. This version of Vick has become transcendent in the Madden community. Each year, he gets a juiced-up card in the Ultimate Team game mode, which players flock to get and pay a high price for if he is on the market.

Why? Because his speed was rated in the 90s, as was his agility and acceleration. In the open field, this Vick was as elusive as the highest-rated running backs and receivers, and his throw power was highly rated as well. Vick rolling out on play-action was a nightmare for the opposition because he had the arm to make any throw on the game, and he could break out of the pocket and burst downfield with his legs. Speed, a strong arm, and the ability to do it all make him the most unstoppable player this franchise has ever had.

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