WoW TBC Classic: Healer grade list you should be familiar with

WoW TBC Classic: Healer grade list you should be familiar with


In WoW TBC Classic, both the Horde and Alliance can use Shaman and Paladin. As the blood elves brought the paladins to the Horde, the draenei brought the shamans to the Alliance, and a whole new world of composition was available. For the therapist, this will mean more diversity. Through the following guide, you can learn about the Classic TBC Gold Healer grade list in WoW TBC Classic.

Restoring Shaman-S
Shamans are the most powerful raid healers in the game, and their totems provide a lot of practicality. At the same time, shamans provide group utility through totems such as poison purification, disease purification, stone skin art, and tremor totem. A balanced team combination will have 2 to 4 restoration shamans, depending on how much enhancement or elemental shaman the team wants to bring. Regardless of the size, you need a total of five shamans in a 25-person raid, one in each group.

Paladin is the best tank healer in the game. Holy Paladins used pure single-target tank healing to make up for their lack of AoE treatment. A holy paladin in a team will provide all casters with enhanced wisdom blessings to increase the team's overall mana. Moreover, they also provide the utility with abilities such as free blessing.

Restore Druid-B
Restoring druids is an important profession in the classics, dedicated to giving the Mark of the Wild and using the Circus Flame to debuff the Boss' Raid Mark. But their Burning Crusade Classic Gold throughput is severely hampered by the classic buff limit, which prevents them from hitting players with continuous healing effects (HOTs).

Holy priest-A
Priest is the only profession in the game that has two independent talent trees dedicated to healing. This class provides important team gains, such as spiritual prayer and power word, energy infusion, and fear guard. Priests are powerful single-target healers, but they can also maintain raids. However, in a balanced combination, you don't need more than two priests. By the way, MMOWTS is providing high-quality and safe game currency, welcome to visit!