how to evaluate the game NBA 2k21

In terms of the game's difficulty, I believe it is a little too difficult, and the shooting hit rate is not optimal


In terms of the game's difficulty, I believe it is a little too difficult, and the shooting hit rate is not optimal. Even if the shot is close to being deemed a perfect shot, basketball is more likely to play the box than to hit. In addition, artificial intelligence is more difficult to master than previously thought. It is a dream to score in any game, whether it is 3v3 or 5v5, if the game is unreasonable.

Of course, if you want to play high stakes, you can do so in Europe. Unless you have a lot of natural talent or a lot of old players, you should teach more detailed dribbles and other manipulations. The game guides the player from the most fundamental shooting dribble to the most advanced attack and tactical route. After becoming familiar with the general operation of the game, the game will be able to,Take a moment to go over these tutorials and make a mental note of how they work, and believe that you will be able to win the game with relative ease. However, if you have more hands-on experience and small partners who are willing to practice with you, the experience will not be as monotonous.

In general, for players who have not previously participated in the previous series, the rate of this work is still worth attempting. However, the serious optimization issues that are currently present have a negative impact on the overall game experience, particularly with regard to the fantastic flashback issue. It will flashback occasionally when the game load is about to be completed, and it will also flashback occasionally during the game, and it does so on a regular basis. If the game goes into the fourth quarter, the flashback will have to start the challenge all over again, which can be considered a waste of time and patience. In terms of the Internet problem, everything is perfect; the online war runs smoothly and without too much lag. We can still release the repair patch as soon as possible to resolve the flashback issue in order to provide a positive gaming experience for the player.

In that case, the evaluation of this work varies from person to person, and it is enjoyable to feel the garbage. I hope that the next generation version will be able to correct the flaws in the previous generation's works and provide better works to the series players who have traveled a long and difficult road.

I thought NBA2k20 was the worst generation, but NBA2k21 was even worse. In any case, it's a masterpiece that's worth several hundred yuan. All 2k20 bugs have been reserved for NBA2k21. The PC side flashes back into view. The dynasty mode has remained unchanged. The streetball mode only modifies the menu interface, and a super uncomfortable right rocker shooting direction system is added. Is really naked with the player provocation, you see, I not only didn't fix the bug, but I also added some to disgust you, don't you still want to purchase our 2K company's game?


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