ISO 17025 technical internal audit: The basics

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In ISO 17025 Certifications in Malta Laboratories are very much required to have a program of internal audits to assess whether their operations will comply with ISO/IEC 17025 requirements on an ongoing process. This also involves auditing both management and technical activities to identify gaps and holes, also and to drive for the improvements.

This positive auditing culture is very much essential to ensure that internal technical audits are always effective. Organization and Management also should give encourage open, fair, a collaborative effort between technical auditors and auditees. The technical auditors are always clear with their communication with auditees that gaps and holes also will be identified simultaneously in order to drive improvement because there should not be any “fault” and blames.

In this article, we will also provide you an overview of the various different types of technical audit techniques and the different types of technical requirements that are covered. These techniques are covered by three types of technical audits.


  1. a) Witnessing

In ISO 17025 Services in Malta, there are witnesses which will keep on observing an auditee on what basis they will be performing on a particular activity, there are some examples to be shown that is, where a specific test method is performed, and assessing the degree of compliance. The auditor must be provided with the documented test method against which compliance is assessed.

During the witnessing, the auditor also should assess the compliance with the applicable clauses, but there are only to relate to the specific witnessing. This means, for example, for the specific activity is the only way to get witnessed auditee’s training records has to be assessed.


  1. b) Vertical audits

In ISO 17025 Registration in Malta, the vertical technical audit also involves selecting a single report or reported result and by assessing compliance with the properly applicable clauses, but this is only for the specific laboratory activities to get to the point of reporting the specific result. The auditor would also work either systematically backward, from the report to the registration of the particular sample, or forward from the sample registration.


  1. c) Horizontal audits

In ISO 17025 consultant in Maltathe Horizontal audits also involve assessing compliance with the applicable clauses, but across all test methods or activities within the scope of accreditation. For example, environmental controls under clause 7.7 or technical competency of personnel under clause 6.2. This horizontal audit could also involve one or all technical clauses. It is also well performed on a sampling basis. This means, in case of an example, for personnel requirements under clause 6.2, although this primary document has such kind of procedure, training matrices, and form templates are assessed, not every personnel training record is included. These are selected, however, these are assessed across all training activities.


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