Which teams will win the WoW Sanctum of Domination Race to World First?

Which teams will win the WoW Sanctum of Domination Race to World First?


In December last year, guilds from all over the world participated in the world's number one competition in the Nathria Castle raid. Many competitors in the event will return to the title of "World Number One" this time. At present, another edition of World of Warcraft mythical hegemony World No. 1 event has kicked off. Players from all over the world are preparing to rule the temple through the latest raid in the game. Although there are dozens of WOW TBC Classic Gold guilds participating in the world's No. 1 competition, as the competition deepens, only a few guilds will compete for the championship.

Complexity Limit
Last year, Complexity Limit became the first North American guild to win the Race to World First event in more than a decade. Led by the high-profile raid leader Maximum, the back-to-back defending champion is still a popular candidate to participate in another mythical game. But this time the team will definitely see challenges from all corners of the world.

Pay close attention to Halcyon throughout the game. The team is a complete dark horse, but has seen steady progress in each raid layer. In the Nyalotha race, Halcyon finished 197th, but in the Nasiria Castle race, the team's ranking soared to 38th. Now, after killing Sylvanas Windrunner's eighth place in the world on Heroic Difficulty, the team can continue to climb in the rankings.

Method finished seventh in the fabulous Nathria castle competition and has only increased its roster since December last year. The guild is still led by the long-time raid leader Scott, who managed to rebuild Method's roster after a massive exodus last summer. After climbing back to the top of professional World of Warcraft for a long time, Method has the opportunity to return to the top three before.

During Castle Nathria Race to World First, BDGG successfully fought side by side with some of the top guilds in the game. And this time, the Classic TBC Gold team should be easily considered a contender. Last week, they killed the first heroic Sylvanas in the United States. This is a clear evidence that they are definitely one of the most powerful guilds in the West. There is no doubt that in this process, players will need to consume a large amount of TBC Classic Gold. If you need a lot of Gold urgently, you can go to MMOWTS for help. Their services are always amazing and are widely praised by players.