New World: Some players have discovered the boundaries of the game

New World: Some players have discovered the boundaries of the game


Currently, the public beta of Amazon game New World has ended. During this time, the game's traffic was impressive, with the number of concurrent players on the first day reaching a peak of more than 141,000. A player found the boundary of the game during the test. He found the edge of the map and revealed what would happen if the player crossed the boundary.

A Reddit user discovered and uploaded a short video to Reddit. The clip shows his character approaching the translucent glowing yellow wall that divides the edge of the game world. Their health began to lose rapidly on the other side and disappeared completely in about two seconds. Then the player will fall to the ground, technically speaking, they can resurrect there, although other players are unlikely to reach out there to help.

If going out of bounds causes so much damage so quickly, it raises the New World Coins question, why not immediately kill the player when passing through the wall. Alternatively, the developers of New World can make the border wall impassable like many games. Even though most players will never encounter problems, it seems a bit harsh to let players walk through it but give them very little time to escape. It is true that the huge glowing yellow wall makes it unlikely that many players will accidentally walk out.

New World will be launched later this month, and despite mixed reactions to its internal beta earlier this year, it has undoubtedly attracted a lot of attention. Criticisms include lack of enemy types, economic imbalances in the game, frequent crashes, and a series of errors. One involved the Twitch anchor receiving an automatic ban on milking.

Part of Amazon’s postponement of New World is to give developers time to solve problems players encountered in the closed beta. According to comments from fans in Reddit, this effort seems to be generally successful, but there are still some errors and balance issues. However, the fact that the number of players in New World peaked so early in the beta may be a red flag.

New World will release the PC version on September 28. Experienced veteran players usually accumulate New World Gold in advance and then purchase the items they want. If you ignore this during the game, don't worry. You can visit NewWorldCoins now and spend a small amount of money to buy New World Coins.