Anthony Davis and others in NBA 2K21 rating update

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One of the better features of the NBA 2K video game series is to continuously adjust the roster and ratings based on the real-time situation of the season. Anthony Davis and Kentavitt Caldwell Pope of the Los Angeles Lakers have now witnessed this, and so far, their overall rankings are being adjusted. Due to injuries and other poor performances and missed a game, Davis recently dropped from 96 points to 95 points, a drop of 1 point. He is still one of the most acclaimed players in the game, but has now stepped down from the position of Kevin Durant, who rose from 95 to 96. Buying NBA 2K21 MT can help players enhance their strength in the game.

On the other hand, although Caldwell Poppe missed several games due to injury, his performance for the Lakers is very valuable. His score improved from 76 to 77, an increase of 1 point. Although this may be due to the short offseason and the depth of the Lakers, Davis has seen a sharp decline in almost all statistical categories. Except for shooting percentage and 3-point shooting percentage, all his statistics are worse than last season. This is not a cause of concern, but it is likely to cause the decline in ratings. Players can Buy NBA 2K21 MT to get more advanced players.

At the same time, Caldwell-Pope was shooting at the highest speed of his career. He also continued to play excellent defensive abilities and played a role on the periphery with Dennis Schroeder. Other notable ratings changes include Luka Doncic and Damian Lillard dropping 1 point to 93 and 94 respectively. At the same time, several players tied for three points and tied for the biggest gain. The list includes C.J. McCollum (87), Malcolm Brogdon (86), Julius Randle (83), Collin Sexton (83), Christian Wood (83) and Luguentz Dort (78). At the same time, Kelly Oubre Jr. of the Golden State Warriors had the largest single score, dropping from 81 to 77.

Another beloved feature of the 2K series is the ability to play against old teams and the addition of top teams with a long history, which is a collection of the best players from each team in its top league. The Lakers purely rule these categories every year, and 2K21 is no exception. This year's game includes seven former Lakers, and their main team has always had 12 players, scoring 90 points or higher. Including eight players with a score of 95 or higher, this is the best player ever. If you want to learn more about Cheap NBA 2K21 MT, please visit GameMS.