TikTok is a service that has over 850 million monthly visits. <br> <br>In mid-2018, he broke all records and surpassed the number of Instagram downloads. <br> <br>Today it still occupies a leading position among free software in Google Play and the App Store.


TikTok is a social network that combines the features of the popular Snapchat, the leading Instagram, and the recently forgotten Vine.

The service is focused on creating short 15-second videos.

The possibility of conducting live broadcasts is also available.

In 2018, TikTok acquired the popular music service Musical.ly, adding about 150 million users to itself.

Tik Tok flourished in mid-2018.

During this period, the application managed to overtake the popular Instagram service in terms of the number of downloads.

The service captivates users with its simplicity and variety of functionality, great multimedia potential, and ample opportunities for launching interactive challenges.

The application employs special algorithms that allow newbies to quickly gain millions of views.

It is believed that the TikTok service will continue to gain popularity.

A more mature audience will become interested in it, which will become a new stage of development.

Brands and business accounts, a more solvent audience, will begin to enter here.

Therefore, in order not to miss the opportunity to get new customers, we recommend starting brand promotion on Tik Tok today, while the competition here is much less than on Instagram.

TikTok videos are dynamic clips, reactions to trends or sketches.

A large number of music tracks, masks, beauty effects are available for the implementation of creative ideas.

The application was launched in early 2016 in China and was called Douyin.

Some time later, ByteDance, the parent company of the service, introduced an international version called TikTok.

According to statistics, 26% of TikTok users are young people aged 18-24.

In general, the service is focused on a segment of a young audience. Approximately 50% of accounts are owned by people under 34.

However, this does not prevent you from using the platform for advertising purposes.

Many stars, as well as well-known companies, are successfully running challenges in the service to increase personal brand awareness and promote products.

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