This title should be clear What combat style

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I have always been a fan of the Iorwerth. It's mainly due to the fact that the Dark Lord, prior to the release of the Elven questline's final RuneScape gold quests was always believed to be Zamorak. I do not know if this is real, but I think certain NPCs refer to the Iorwerth in some way as Zamorakians who rebelled against the crystal Goddess-led Elven society. I sympathize fully with Lord Iorwerth’s elves.

The clan has a new leader, now that the civil war has ended. They are trying to be a part of the elven community, as they don't want to be considered insignificant and have proved their worth. They're a belligerent clan, which makes it difficult to dislike them. You can also see their clan crest.

I also love clan Cadarn. It is the second most important civil war clan. They're also a bellicose clan and is exactly the opposite of Iorwerth. They are more focused on stealth and magic rather than brute force as the Iorwerth does. This clan is focused on my two favourite skills, which I always appreciate. But I don't like the crest.

For clan leaders, I'm a big fan of Lady Hefin Lord Amlodd and Lady Meilyr. Lady Meilyr's overall appearance is exactly what I love. She appears like an elf with a hippie look. When you meet her for the first time she's all high and everything. She's also one the most valuable elf leaders, with all of the Herblore (especially those Herblore purchasing recipes that cost 10Mish yesterday and can't wait for the levels) and Dungeoneering.

Lord Amlodd, who is very similar to him, seems the most serious of all the clan's leaders. I also like the clan crest. Lady Hefin is a favourite of my. I find it remarkable how young she is thanks to prayer and clean eating habits. She is also an exercise-oriented priest who goes to the gym every day and doesn't get old. Lady Trahaearn, Lady Meilyer and other clan leaders aren't as old or very slowly. However, they also make use of potions to achieve the same result, but it's far from as exciting.

This title should be clear What combat style do you think is the most effective (both Old School or RS3) Which type of combat do you prefer? Old School - I've always found melee the most useful. Mmelee is the most popular combat ability because it comes with superior armour and weapons and is also cheaper than the other two.

The F2P range was used to include the shizzle, but the Maple Longbow (sighted), which was super powerful and perfect for sniping at wars or killing looters, was the most effective weapon. Probably the best F2P weapon in OSRS buy gold general, as you could basically shoot from a distance with it along with an Rune armor set and hit incredibly precisely.

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