New World: Players discover a special way to reach level 60

New World: Players discover a special way to reach level 60


In New World, everyone can do what they want, and players have been having fun in many different ways. In fact, the game allows players to explore many build options because there are no preset classes and weapon combinations, and gems can also make mixed builds more reliable. Players can also try and try to fight, change the New World Coins style to improve efficiency, especially because positioning and scope are very important elements in the New World gameplay.

Some players like crafting and collecting skills so much that it is entirely possible to reach level 60 without killing anything, especially considering that the tutorial can be skipped. Other players prefer Faction Wars and Outpost Rush, which is another good way to upgrade, because PvP usually provides more experience than PvE.

There are also players who have never joined one of the three factions of the game during the entire experience, reaching level 60 without completing some tasks. Recently, some players discovered that they jumped off a cliff and activated the Hatchet skill called Sprint Attack, which allows the player to jump forward and make two attacks.

New World Coins

New World players quickly landed below. Killing an ordinary turkey with an axe only requires 1 point of experience, which is enough for players to level up and reach level 60 in a very dramatic way. Players killing turkeys in the game can also unlock one of the many New World Gold achievements in the game. After killing a total of 100 turkeys, it will be unlocked and awarded the Turkey Terminator title.

The player’s video is probably not the last video on Reddit about the player reaching level 60 in a strange way, but this is an admirable attempt and it will take some time to get it right. In the process of playing the game, players should also deeply understand the importance of New World Coins. And buying New World Coins at NewWorldCoins is absolutely worth it, because they can not only save you money, but also protect your funds.