Familiars are highly reccomended

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After completing the quest, when you die you'll be shown a menu of where it is possible to spawn. You can choose soul wars out of OSRS gold that list. You will also be requested which 3 items you wish to maintain, and you'll automatically keep a few items such as coins and perhaps elemental runes, basic tools and so on. Then your gravestone is going to be dropped in the area where you died. You will have 15 minutes to go there and pick up each the rest of your stuff. It won't appear in soul wars.

This is not the same as dying in the minigame, or leaving the minigame.

Familiars are highly reccomended: the general strategy is to use a beast of burden to carry additional supplies in then blow off that familiar, dropping your potions etc on the floor then summoning a kyatt and employing the special attack frequently on nomad. The kyatt can be considered exceptionally helpful, more so than many other familiars. Correct me if I'm mistaken. My advice is largely anecdotal, so it may be wrong, but it's better than nothing.

I understand great orb is f2p accessible, I just wondered what benefits are mems just and if rc lvl 50 is appropriate enough to RuneScape gold buy go around playing it. Additionally, Is your rc staff reward f2p? If this is so, any advantages on getting one? Yeah 50 Runecrafting is more than sufficient, but higher Runecrafting assists attracting/repelling orbs faster and makes it possible to get more exp if I am not mistaken. And yes some talisman staves are F2P and supply a massive 15+ magic defence bonus (more than every other F2P team ), 33 Strength bonus and allow you to access RC altars exactly like tiaras (ex using a Fire talisman team you can enter the fire altar).

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