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Since the announcement of Echoes of the Atlas, this new PoE area is one of the most anticipated features for players, as it provides a challenging boss battle that only the most experienced ARPG has the opportunity to endure , This is exactly what the tenth expansion finally brought.

In order to visit Maven's Crucible, you must receive an invitation from Maven himself. This is achieved by defeating the three map leaders in Maven's presence. This large arena contains all the captured leaders in the area, so it is necessary to fight against many leaders to complete this challenge. Players can Buy POE Orbs to enhance their strength in the game.

The first battle of The Maven's Crucible will be against the three bosses who previously defeated Maven, but they are now going on simultaneously. After completing this battle, you will have to defeat four bosses, then five, then six, and finally you will have to face crazy battles with ten bosses at the same time. If you can complete this arduous challenge, you may eventually face Atlas's highest boss, Maven. Every battle won on this stage provides Atlas passive skill trees with two skill points.

After completing Maven's Crucible, players will receive a gift from Maven, which allows them to assign skill points to the aforementioned skill tree. In other words, the technician has now become a symbol of successfully completing this difficult challenge. For complex situations like this, a good choice is to obtain a large number of orbs to exchange for necessary items to improve equipment. One of the best ways to get a lot of orbs quickly is through a dedicated website like POECurrency, where you can buy POE Orbs quickly and safely.

As expected by the extension, Echoes of the Atlas contains 11 new interesting and varied maps that extend the PoE experience. In addition, this expansion also brings the Atlas passive skill tree, allowing players to acquire a variety of really cool skills in each Atlas region. As you get POE Chaos Orb in the Maven mission line, you will be able to unlock more and more Atlas passive skills. These passive skills can not only improve the player's abilities, but also increase the possibility of buildings.